Seek professional development,
Engage in community involvement, Promote CIE’s interests

Organization team member:
Arnold Zhang
Angela Fu
Alex Zhang
Kimberley Yu

Advisory Board
Xinfen Chen
David Kao
Yu Meng
Chinpei Tang
Sammy Yang








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CIE/USA Young Achiever Association

Hello YAA recipient,

Congratulation to your achievement as one of the Young Achiever Award recipients! We recently established a group just for you! The CIE/USA - DFW Young Achievers is a group of young professionals and (pre)-college students who seek professional development, engage in community involvement, promote CIE’s interests, and represent motivated young individuals ready to develop their careers.

By being bestowed with the Youth Achievement Award, you have already demonstrated extraordinary qualities. This organization intends to further these traits by providing networking opportunities for recipients and helping them give back to the community by aiding others in their endeavors.   Involvement in this organization will provide you with an immediate network of driven students and a myriad of opportunities to connect and work with peers and industry contacts in various events.

2013 YA Reunion

Events held by this organization include social functions, community service events, and professional development programs. Every year, we will hold career-enhancing seminars, providing skills such as building resumes and interview workshops, symposia for various careers, and networking events. We will create a two-tiered mentor program that allows members to simultaneously obtain advice from those in the workforce who have already made notable achievements while inspiring those younger than them.

This group is still developing, and you will be the ones who make this mission a success. We will need strong motivated members and officers who can bring this organization to life. If you would like to join or have any feedback for us, please respond here.
Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you!

Best regards,
The YA organization team